Playing creative activities that kids enjoy

Kids mind is the place for so much naughtiness and fun. They used to do things that give enjoyment and happiness to them. But strangely some things are just simple games while some really requires so much innovation and art. And fortunately such things will broad our child’s mind and thinking with innovative learning. This post is my effort to sum up few of such art activities that surely going to attract and give your child so much learning and exposure for new ideas.

When I started thinking for planning something new and interesting for my little one, the first thing I used was the colourful finger art with the ladyfinger. And luckily he enjoyed it a lot. Also I have seen so much improvement in his thinking abilities. He started applying creative and fresh ideas in his academics also. And that’s what the soul of indulging kids in such activities that involves the overall development of the personality. Another reason is that the preschool age (2-5 years) is the crucial stage when most part of the brain develops. So it needs to be really sharpened with the academic knowledge given in the school whereas the attractive activities that utilizes brain.

  • The simplest of all are the colored dough games that attract most of the child. It can also be used to teach child with the names of the colors, and also making variety of shapes (like animals, fruits) through it.
  • After that, the paintings can also be a good option with crayons for small kids, while liquid colors for mature children.
  • Multiple paintings or a collage can also be a good option for the growing kids with the touch of 3D features.
  • Cooking with kids can also be a wonderful idea to interact with them and making them aware of basic ideas about how to protect themselves in case of fire.
  • Printmaking art is a really brainstorming idea to impress kids.
  • Some handmade stuff like beads necklace can be loved by little girls if they try making it on their own.
  • Playing music is also an interesting way to develop and enjoy.

The best part is that such indoor activities keep you more attached with your beloved child. And similarly he also feels more secure and confident while playing something interesting and useful with his parents. It is like cherry on the cake if you are spending such a quality time to have fun with your child who is contributing a lot in his overall growth and performance. Also this is an efficient way to distract kids from their old cartoon shows and playing games which use to be their all-time favorite. But unfortunately they all are monotonous and not seems informative.

Improve Your Child’s Education through Art

Previously I discussed about art creativity in kids through various games or other activities. It has proved it helps in developed or improvement of every kid. So it is necessary to every child has to do art based activities or something like that which help in personal mind development or in social skills. I personally spend most of time with my kid to teach him various techniques or methods which helps him to enhance the mind development. And I found these methods really helps in every child development. These activities boost up their attitude and self-confident. So every parent should do help their children by participating various art activities through which they make new and innovative ideas to win the challenge or competition. School management should offer art based activity or classes which will really help them in growth.

School management should focus art and craft activities along with basic subjects. Some parents thinks art activities just wastage of time, these are not helpful for the kids development. But I would like to tell them they think wrong it helps as well as other core subjects. These activities increase the imagination power of the every child. If your child is shy in nature so I think other activities like dance, drama is also one of the good ways to build the self-confidence in front the other people or strangers or audience. Many children face stage phobia so these activities helps them to build their fear to overcome.

I have noticed that today’s time children do not want to make any creative things, they most of their time to spend with video games, computer, mobile phone, laptops, play stations, x-box, 3d games. They only use to play indoors games with gadgets. Make confortable your child to share his thoughts and innovative ideas with you and apply these with together with the child. It will improve the growth and development. You should encourage your child to do creative activities and appreciate him instead of comparisons. Halloween craft is one of the good activities which develop the child mental growth. Through the Halloween craft they will show their creativity. Different mini projects also help them to show their creativity and definitely learn lots of things. I hope these all information which I am providing you through my site helps you to know about the kid’s related knowledge.

Various different fun Activities for children

Children love playing games, art and craft, various unique creative activities along with study. So, I think various art activities develop the children skills. It is very important to encourage the child to do various activities without any competition. Children love to make drawing, any sketch, coloring, painting and much type of activities. Parents should find out their child favorite activity and motivate him for this. I think some children have fear to tell their parents to take participate in any event, if they would not appreciate it. So never demoralize the children for anything which they want to do. Or I can say this appreciate your child at least he tried for something.

Art activities for children can be done through various mediums such as theater, painting, dancing and drawing. Children can make choice according to their likes and interest. This kind of activity helps kids to express their emotions without using verbal language. Art activities make the children more confident and developed for their future. I have seen many institutes and play schools are providing several types of creative arts activities which can make your children more creative in the enjoyable environment. These activities can include sand play, paint play, finger painting and sewing. These activities are helpful not only for the education of your children. It will also help them in their future life. With the help of these activities children can be more skilled and focused.

With these activities it increases the focus as well as concentration power of the children. Art is the only best way to express the feelings. These art programs helps children to develop the metal and imagination ability which will help for him lifetime. I have been always encouraged and appreciated through my parents and i think now that appreciation and encouragement is very helpful for me to make this website. Through various activities they learn many different things and new ways to solve any problem. In fact it has been proved by scientific studies that art activities increase child intelligence and confidence level. The main focus or goal of these activities are very clear is to develop the child talent. These various activities help his developing the skills as well as they will avoid long hour playing video games or watching television.

How to Support Your Child’s Creativity

Kids can learn many important skills through creative activities. I can say that kids have the impressive imagination power which makes them able to learn things quickly. These activities are also advantageous for skill development and being confident. Now, the question is “how can we encourage and support our child’s creative activity?” Here are some tips and suggestions, provided by some experts for encouraging kid’s creativity.

Space for Creative Activities – Kids need to have a place, where they can use their imagination for creative ideas. I am not saying that you should have a fancy playground; it could be a corner of your home. Kids can utilize the place independently for different kinds of creative activities such as making tent, dancing and writing a diary.

Make it Simple – Always try to keep it simple and manageable. You don’t need to buy big and latest toys for your kids. Provide safe toys and encourage them to play simple games such as LEGOs. Let them built what they want and don’t instruct them just try giving some hints. I think this will give them a chance to use their imagination power.

Free Time – I think kids should have some unstructured time. Don’t attempt to teach your child all the time. Give your child a few hours to spend freely so they can be relaxed. When you spend time with your kids, ask them about their full day activities and give them imaginative ideas.

Encourage exploration – Try to Avoid shaming your kids if he can’t do any specific thing. You can support them by saying “try something else you would surely get it.” Show respect for their imaginative efforts. Motivate them by saying something encouraging such as “How interesting, the tree you have made is looking so real.” Help them if they ask you but don’t instruct them. For example, while making a drawing try to ask “What color we should use in this flower?”

Don’t Compare – Never compare your child with other because every kid has a different ability to learn. I think unflattering comparison makes a kid discouraged. Avoid to say things like “No, it will never work.” Or “you can’t do anything properly.” Provide them some art materials to utilize such as chalk, clay, crayons and stickers.

All I can suggest is to pay attention to your kid’s likes and provide all the required materials. You can also use the home made tools and instruments. Try to encourage humor; it would help them to learn things in enjoying environment.

The benefits of Art

In previous articles I have discussed the importance of the art in the education or in daily activities. If you want to live healthy and fit so you must need to be happy. Every individual has its own things by which he/she can be happy. Well I think there is also some link between the art education and the health because most of people love to make different and innovative things if, they have time. When you took a brush and a canvas to make any art or anything you draw, it helps you to make more creative and innovative.

The advantages of the art are it helps to the children for developing their mindset, skills and learning. You can improve your creative thinking, imagination criteria, and better thinking capacity through the arts. For example in any field you will need to a creative mind and ideas. Creativity plays a very important role in the art stream like math, science and language etc. participating in the drama, dance, music creativity and other curriculum activities also helps in the development of the brain. Art activity also helps in the learning and understanding the other subjects easily. Imagination and thinking practice make the kids learning very easy. Art activity also helps the kid to learn the ways to respect peoples. These activities help to make solve the problems with unique and creative ideas, it enables different ways to child to communicate and interact with new thoughts and ideas.

Through drawing kids can easily learn any new things, or to solve any problem can easily handle with the paper pencil work. This is the simple process which provides you some basic ideas about the art activity. And these kind of activities very much helpful for the kids. Art activities give the kids to understand the human experience. Some kids love to express their feeling, emotions through art. I think is also one of the best ways to show their anger, happiness, emotions and feelings. So, in this post I tried to explain the benefits of the art activities in your child. I hope you will like this post and it helps you to understand all the kids stuff.